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An overload request is the execution of lidsadm with the -O parameter. For example :
lidsadm -O -t 1 --caps ULL_SET -CAP_SYS_ADMIN -LIDS_UMOUNT --mask =EMPTY_SET
lidsadm -O -p 123 45 385 -t 2 --caps =SET_ALL_CAPS -CAP_SYS_ADMIN +LIDS_UMOUNT 
        --mask =EMPTY_SET
lidsadm -O -t 2 --caps +LIDS_UMOUNT 
lidsadm -O -p 45 -t 2 -r
lidsadm -O -t 2 -r
lidsadm -O -r

When the admin is requesting an overload, for each process concerned with this request :

Biondi Philippe 2000-12-15