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typedef struct lids_prog_struct {
        lids_lds_s *next;
	task_struct *task;
	int tag;
} lids_prog_s;

We can see how these structures are linked in memory on figure [*].

Figure: Link between data structures

The figure [*] shows only the lids_prog_s structure links, for the example of the figure [*]. We imagine that /usr/bin, /etc/init.d and /sbin have the same image through the hash function. Idem for /usr/X11/bin/XF86 and /bin.

Figure: Program structures in memory for fig. [*]

If we focus on the two permissions sets of the figure [*], and take in account the inheritance of /usr/bin permissions by /usr/bin/httpd, we can have the structures arrangement in memory as shown in figure [*]. The inheritance is effective thanks to the bold arrow.

Figure: Program structures in memory

Biondi Philippe 2000-12-15